Upgrading Endpoint Security with SentinelOne for a major shipping group

A prominent shipping group company that delivers services & solutions to the global maritime industry reached out to Positka to improve their endpoint security.


Establishing SentinelOne as EDR solution for a refractory manufacturer

A leading refractory manufacturing company in India had to replace its endpoint security with the aim of bolstering their security measures.


Security awareness training for internet registry company

An internet registry company had to device an immediate approach to address potential vulnerabilities and threats, through awareness training for employees.


Securing OT systems for Medical Devices manufacturer

U.S based medical device manufacturer had plan to ramp up their global production capabilities to develop & deploy a centralized cybersecurity and modernization strategy.


Successful completion of Splunk cloud migration for Fintech company

Splunk cloud migration for fintech company to manage their payment infrastructure.


Database Activity Monitoring implementation for a major insurance provider

The insurance provider needed a DAM solution to reduce data loss risk and ensure compliance. Our monitoring system reduced report generation time.


Helping a telecom service provider to remote user monitoring

Telecom Service Utility struggles to monitor remote user access and authentication. Essential for sensitive data protection and visibility in new work model.


Power distribution firm seeks ML to detect data transfer anomalies

Power distribution organisation aims to detect insider threat via suspicious upload/download activity with focus on ML capabilities for anomaly detection

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