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Splunk Observability Products

Splunk Application Performance Monitoring

Real-time insight into cloud-native, microservice and monolithic applications with No Sample™ distributed tracing with automatic placement and code level visibility makes it easy to isolate issues as they arise.

No Sample™ full-fidelity trace ingestion and retention: Collecting all traces instead of a sampled subset allows Splunk APM to detect any anomalies and provide immediate feedback on any release. This helps improve the quality of your software releases.

Service Mapping: Splunk APM's service maps provide DevOps teams with visibility into all service interactions, inferred services, dependencies and performance. This gives them the ability to identify and resolve problems more quickly and prevent issues from arising in the first place.

Tag Spotlight: Traces provide a central location to understand how events behave across your entire system, allowing you to correlate latency or errors with tag values. This provides a quick way to identify and fix problems as they occur.

Business Workflow: Splunk APM provides developers with the ability to track important business transactions by grouping together end-to-end traces that share a common service or tag. This visualization of microservices allows developers to see how their workflows impact the overall business process.

Smart Dynamic Alerting: The ability to set alerts based on conditions such as static thresholds, sudden changes, or historical anomalies can help your DevOps teams stay informed and avoid alert storms.

Analysis of code-level performance: Splunk APM's "Always On" code profiling feature analyzes code-level performance in relation to trace data, helping to identify and resolve bottle necks in both cloud-native and monolithic applications.

Splunk Real User Monitoring

Use user monitoring andanalytics via your own infrastructure or plug directly into a public cloud service to find more data from the source, including machine logs and network traffic.

Overall Visibility: Full Coverage with reduced MTTR, Open Telemetry standardized data, accurate visibility by collecting data from every interaction between the browser and the backend or third-party service providers

High cardinality: Efficiently identify the root cause of issues and correlations within complex distributed systems and dependencies.

Deep visibility for iOS and Android: Capture common client attributes, app lifecycle events, network requests and errors, and app errors and crashes automatically for native mobile apps.

Framework-agnostic instrumentation: Instrument multipage and single-page apps easily to track transactions and route changes across all frameworks.

Complete analysis of user sessions: Assess the customer impact of each resource, image, route change, and API call with complete visibility throughout every user session.

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Leverage Synthetic Monitoring to spot and resolve performance issues across user flows,business transactions and APIs.

Find and fix, faster: Enhance the quality and speed of your web applications with end-to-end testing, which monitors performance, detects slow or faulty areas of your site, and alerts you to potential issues before they impact users.

Enhanced User Journey: Evaluate and enhance the page speed and functionality of all page resources, APIs, and third-party dependencies throughout your user flow.

Automated performance within delivery: Automatically determine the success or failure of builds based on performance budgets within your continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines.

Filmstrips, screenshots, recorded screen playback: Gain a clear understanding of how end users experience your site on web and mobile.

300+ optimization recommendations: Follow guided, step-by-step performance recommendations to fix defects and enhance the user experience throughout their journey.

Competitive Standards: Evaluate the performance of your site in relation to the competition and industry standards to identify areas for improvement.

Why Splunk observability?


End to end visibility across entire hybrid landscape

Splunk can provide end-to-end visibility across your entire hybrid landscape with one-click dashboards, alerts and event logs, so you know what's happening in your environment.


Directed troubleshooting that tells you where to look

As organizations struggle to handle the volume of data that is generated today, it is extremely important for them to be able to use that data in a way that can help them drive down costs and improve performance.


Predict and detect problems before they impact customers

Splunk observability Predict and detect problems before they impact customers

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