Protect Your Data and Boost Compliance: DPDP Act and Cybersecurity for Indian Manufacturers

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How do Splunk use cases add value to your organization?

  • Security: Tackle cybersecurity challenges with Splunk’s own set of use cases in different areas like security monitoring, incident management, compliance, advanced threat detection, threat hunting, automation & orchestration.
  • IT Ops: Optimizing performance & availability with proactive alerting and root cause analysis, reducing downtime, and improving service delivery with Splunk IT Service Intelligence.
  • Application monitoring, Infrastructure monitoring: Guarantee reliability of web applications faced by consumers with Splunk APM, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, and Splunk On-Call.
  • Digital experience: Unparalleled digital customer experiences with Splunk Synthetic Monitoring and Splunk Real User Monitoring.
  • Visualization tools: Splunk empowers users with visually engaging dashboards for easy trend comprehension.
  • Custom development: Developers leverage Splunk's versatility for developing applications and integrations.

If there are limited or no in-house Splunk skills and resources in the organization to develop, design, and deploy use case in a timely manner.


For high-value use cases build such as SIEM, IT operations monitoring, and application performance management


Splunk enables the development of ML-based use cases, allowing businesses to harness the power of advanced analytics and AI to gain deeper insights


For new compliance requirements, immediate development and deliverables, as well as for the integration of new data/data modification


Our domain experts and developers understand your business requirements & can implement the solution with utmost precision.


We prioritize adherence to regulatory compliance standards and industry best practices to ensure we meet legal requirements as well as incorporate the most ethical methods


By following sequential workflow from collecting/ analyzing/ validating the data, designing & implementing the use cases, we provide the solution based on your interest.


Our engineers possess domain knowledge, SPL knowledge, Splunk platform experience, and data science skills or experience to build ML based use cases

IT operations and monitoring:

IT Ops troubleshoots with Splunk log analytics. Splunk ITSI provides insights for Event Analytics and Service. Reliability is maintained via Splunk APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, and On-Call. Digital experience is enhanced using Splunk Synthetic and Real User Monitoring for comprehensive monitoring.

Security incident response:

Enable security tasks, posture assessment, monitoring, alert and incident handling, CSIRT, breach analysis, and response. Detect known and unknown threats, assess compliance, and gain insights with advanced security analytics. Conduct advanced breach analysis using ad-hoc searches. Access detection and security research content for major cloud providers.

Application performance management:

Splunk APM ensures optimal user experiences by tracking interactions, load times, and transaction pathways. It identifies issues promptly, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience, enhancing customer retention and positive brand perception. Satisfied customers are likely to continue using products and services.

Business intelligence and analytics:

Business process analytics uses data, performance metrics, and statistical methods to monitor and analyse business processes to optimize them. It leverages systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of process data to find patterns and trends, fix bottlenecks and ultimately enhance business performance.

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