With years of experience in the industry and our highly skilled technical team, we have designed an efficient plan for sizing SIEM as per your infrastructure with our hassle-free SIEM sizing calculator, which is unique, comprehensive, and provides approximate values.

We have consistently shown our tool’s convenience in estimating the size of SIEM deployments and have achieved competitive conversion rates.

Whether it's determining the right SIEM system size for your inventory, calculating SIEM pricing based on data volume, planning a migration from an existing SIEM to Splunk, optimizing or upgrading your current Splunk environment, or even considering the transition from on-premises Splunk to the flexibility of Splunk Cloud, each step represents a critical decision in ensuring the security and efficiency of their operations. These considerations require thoughtful planning and strategic choices to navigate the complex realm of data security and intelligence effectively, which we do with ease and utmost precision at Positka.

The estimated SIEM sizing will depend on the statistical data you provide, so the amount of data might vary during the real-time installation.

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