Protect Your Data and Boost Compliance: DPDP Act and Cybersecurity for Indian Manufacturers

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SentinelOne provide you fast threat detection and even faster response and remediation. Unmatched Speed, Unlimited Scaling, Endless Automation, Flagship Features and much more through One Platform.

See through the unknown and prevent today's most sophisticated attacks with the best-in-class Behavioral AI Engine.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Drive risk reduction and efficiency with SentinelOne. Are you ready?


Flexible Architecture

Multi-tenant hierarchy offers customizable sites and groupings for easy enterprise global management. Deploy from the cloud or even on-prem.


Full MDR Capabilities

Response + Remediation + Threat Hunting across install base. Average time to remediation is less than 18 minutes.


One Platform

No context switches or multiple dashboards in response minimizes delays. One platform and one workflow for EPP, EDR, firewall, device control, kill, quarantine, isolation, app inventory, integrations, and network visibility and control.


Distributed Intelligence

Pushing AI to the compute edge - device and cloud - enriches the data used to make autonomous decisions minimizing dwell time.



Patented Storyline™ provides analysts proactive real time actionable correlation and context. Response actions are granular, encompassing on-device remediation so endpoints are perpetually clean and operational. Full MITRE integration. 365+ days data retention available.


More Automation

AI delivered at machine speed augments human experience. Automated responses reduce workload and minimize time to contain threats.


Always-On Autonomy

Detection without bandwidth or network dependencies on the endpoint and without prior knowledge of the threat reduces dwell time before detection.


Immediate Resolution

The fastest understanding and action with ActiveEDR. 1-Click remediation and rollback utilizing pre-constructed Storyline technology. EDR mark as a threat. This is real-time on-device remediation.

Singularity Platform EDR Packages

Cloud-Native NGAV

Endpoint security bedrock for organizations that want to replace legacy AV or NGAV with an effective EPP that is easy to deploy and manage.

Endpoint Protection

  • Built-in Static AI and Behavioral AI analysis prevent and detect a wide range of attacks in real time before they cause damage. Core protects against known and unknown malware, Trojans, hacking tools, ransomware, memory exploits, script misuse, bad macros, and more.
  • Sentinels are autonomous which means they apply prevention and detection technology with or without cloud connectivity and will trigger protective responses in real time.
  • Recovery is fast and gets users back and working in minutes without re-imaging and without writing scripts. Any unauthorized changes that occur during an attack can be reversed with 1-Click Remediation and 1-Click Rollback for Windows.
  • Secure SaaS management access from US, EU, APAC localities. Data-driven dashboards, policy management by site and group, incident analysis with MITRE ATT&CK integration, and more

The Suite Features You Need

Made for organizations seeking the best-of-breed cybersecurity with additional suite features.

IT OPS / Security Hygiene

  • All SentinelOne Core features
  • Device Control for control of USB devices and Bluetooth/BLE peripherals
  • Firewall Control for control of network connectivity to and from devices including location awareness
  • Rogues network visibility to uncover devices that don’t yet have Sentinel agents
  • Vulnerabilities Management, in addition to Application Inventory, for insight into 3rd party apps that have known vulnerabilities mapped to the MITRE CVE database

Consolidating Vital Security Functions

Designed for organizations seeking single-agent enterprise-grade prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoint, cloud, and IoT coupled with critical automations.

Security Operations

  • All SentinelOne Core + SentinelOne Control features
  • Patented Storyline™ tech for fast RCA and easy pivots
  • Integrated ActiveEDR™ to both benign and malicious data
  • 14 - 365+ historical EDR data retention + usable query speeds at scale
  • Hunt by MITRE ATT&CK ® Technique
  • Mark benign Storylines as threats for enforcement by the EPP functions
  • Automated Storyline Active Response(STAR) watchlist functions
  • Timelines, remote shell, file fetch, sandbox integrations, and more

One Agent for Consolidation Efforts

  • Singularity Complete includes full featured enterprise-grade EDR.
  • Complete includes NGAV and behavioral AI to stop known and unknown threats.
  • Complete includes suite features like network control, USB device control, and Bluetooth device control.
  • Complete includes Rogue identification and can be instrumented for full network attack surface protection with Ranger IoT.

Storyline Automates Visibility

  • Storyline creates context in real time at the source: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kubenetes cloud-native workloads.
  • Storyline enables efficient hypothesis testing leading to fast RCA conclusions.
  • Process re-linking across PID trees and across reboots preserves precious context.
  • S1QL query language enables intuitive searches and hypothesis-based hunting.

ActiveEDR Automates Response

  • ActiveEDR responses are part of the same code base as prevention mechanisms.
  • Resolve threats with 1-Click and without scripting on one, several, or all devices across the entire estate.
  • Mark benign findings as threats for the same real-time automatic, 1-Click remediation.
  • Automated Storyline Active Response (STAR) watchlists keep a constant watch for noteworthy and customizable situations needing a deeper look.
  • Single API with 350+ functions provides a basis for further automation.

Hunter's Toolkit

  • High performance, industry leading historical EDR data retention. 14 to 365 days visibility.
  • Deep Visibility Storyline pivot and hunt by MITRE ATT&CK® technique.
  • Customizable network isolation
  • Secure Remote Shell (full Windows Powershell. Standard Mac & Linux bash).
  • Manual and auto file fetch of malicious and benign files for Windows, Mac, Linux. Optional sandbox integrations for additional dynamic analysis.

NGAV & Behavioral AI Prevention

  • Protects against ransomware, known and unknown malware, trojans, hacking tools, memory exploits, script misuse, bad macros, and living off the land attacks.
  • On-agent Storyline™ tracking builds actionable context in real time.
  • On-agent static AI replaces signatures and predicts malicious files.
  • On-agent Behavioral AI identifies and stops fileless attacks happening within Storylines in real time.
  • Autonomous operation. No cloud reliance for always-on protection.

1-Click Remediation & Recovery

  • Automates threat resolution to reduce administrative workload. Fully automatic; no complicated scripting.
  • Gets users working again fast. Eliminates tedious re-imaging.
  • Autonomous and automatic threat responses trigger protective actions in real-time.
  • Patented 1-Click remediation reverses unauthorized changes.
  • Patented 1-Click rollback for Windows restores any data affected by an attack.

Incident Forensics & Reporting

  • Easy-to-use incident data quickly orients analysts about what happened, when it happened, and who was affected. All information is stored for 365 days.
  • Automatic interpretation is created using industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques mapping, and AI indicators for malware prediction.
  • Team workflows including custom annotations, verdict assignment, incident status, incident timelines and attack exploration.
  • Customizable data driven dashboards and built-in reporting standard.
  • Available integrations with Tableau® and Microsoft PowerBI®.

Deep OS & Interoperability Support

  • Singularity agents provide support for major desktop and server OSes.
  • Resource efficient agents support physical systems, VDI, and cloud service providers.
  • Support for 17 years of Windows releases including EOL versions, macOS’ new “kextless” security model, and 10 major Linux distributions.
  • Anti-tamper mechanisms to prevent agent security interruptions.
  • Powerful, pinpoint agent interoperability controls to ensure maximum security with system stability.

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