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Historical data migration

Depending on the approach to legacy data (migrate vs. archive), the best-fit approach needs to be identified and effectively followed.


Migrating apps and knowledge objects

It is important to do a proper inventory of all Splunk artifacts, and ensure that all of these are carried over with settings/data intact.


Incompatible apps

There are a few Splunk-based apps (or Custom homegrown apps) that might not be compatible with Splunk Cloud. We make sure these apps are properly vetted & modified to be successfully ported to Splunk Cloud.


Forwarder version compatibility

Unlike the deeper flexibility offered with an on-premises setup, more careful consideration is needed while evaluating the data flow process in the case of Splunk Cloud.


Rich history of past migrations

We understand (and know how to address) the typical issues that arise during a migration exercise and possess the expertise to tackle challenges while moving from Splunk on-prem to SaaS. Ranging from simple to complex- our team’s extensive experience manages diverse migration scenarios effectively.


Proven and Established methodology

Organizations need a pragmatic approach to help migrate their Splunk environment, so they can minimize downtime while also maximizing their architecture to take full advantage of the robust analytics platform. Different deployment options require different levels of engineering commitment, complexity handling and risk undertaking.


Bespoke assessment in line with individual customer context

Based upon Splunk’s own Cloud Migration Assessment we will evaluate and determine your on-prem Splunk installation for migration to Splunk Cloud. Whether you’re considering migrating to the cloud on your own or you would like us to help drive the cloud migration process, we’re here to provide ideal service & offerings that best suit your organizational needs.

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