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Cybersecurity and Risk Management Features

Cybersecurity is a direct threat to the very existence of any organization in today’s environment. Technology is under cyber attack all the time from ever growing number of malicious actors. No amount of resources are sufficient to achieve fool-proof protection against the cyberthreats. In such an environment, it is crucial to take a strategic view of Cybersecurity. This requires evaluation of risks against business objectives. This includes ensuring compliance to laws and regulations relating to cybersecurity, which are evolving as well.


Risk Minimization


Legal Regulatory Compliance


Cost Optimized


Standards Based

Positka Offerings

Pragmatic and strategic approach to cybersecurity

Positka works with customers to implement comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS). This supports our customers’ requirements to align with industry standards such as

  • ISO27001
  • NIST
  • GDPR

Biggest challenge in implementing an ISMS is to make it relevant to the organization. Positka’s certified experts and auditors work closely with customers to achieve standard compliance with optimised cost.


Evaluate and streamline your Vendor Security

Third party service providers are an essential part of the IT ecosystem of every organization. From cloud-infrastructure to software-as-a-service to outsourced business processes, vendors need to have robust security posture, as much as the in-house functions. Numerous data breaches are a result of gaps in cybersecurity practices of an outsourced service vendor.

Positka has codified a risk-based approach to third party security assessments. This approach helps to identify the high-risk areas where assessments need to be focused, thereby eliminating waste and distraction.

Positka’s solutions help with end-to-end transformation of the third-party security assessment function, covering

  • Development and implementation of tailored risk-scoring of vendors
  • Top-down approach to planning and capacity management
  • Increase in productivity due to risk-weighted approach
  • Reduction in overall risk with help of increased coverage and remediation

Best of breed analytics

Flexibility without complexity

  • Custom use cases with advanced analytics directly on the UI

Advanced users can also “bring your own analytics”


Top-notch Content

  • Quick Time to Value
  • Extensive Threat and Technology coverage
  • Simplified testing and deployment
  • Premium apps for vertical oriented content

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