• The client provides internet registry and information services in a robust manner to enhance security, solidity, and resilience of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) Infrastructure in Singapore. They also provide telecommunication-related operations as an outsourced provider to other entities.
  • The client noticed two opportunities from us- the former being the Infosec IQ tool for security awareness and training, followed by managed services for the platform and service they need.

The Challenge:

  • The client doesn’t have any security awareness and phishing simulation tool with them
  • As part of compliance/regulation, the client was manually doing the training awareness program without any tool
  • Tracking the progress of the users was difficult, also someone needed to manage this service for them
  • Customized security awareness training had to be given to different department employees
  • They had to create phishing templates and send simulated phishing emails to all users.
  • Provide visualizations and panels based on phishing and awareness training metrics.

The Approach or Solution:

Positka recommended a SaaS-based security awareness and phishing simulation platform ‘Infosec IQ’ , to satisfy the requirements of the client

Key features of the solution

  • Engaging cybersecurity awareness training with topics relevant to present-day threats
  • Pre-built and custom assessments
  • Phishing templates – Custom and Pre-built
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Learner dashboard – Course Progress
  • Sophisticated reporting on progress and trends


Positka started with few things to address the issues

  • We had a project plan in place that outlined the tasks that needed to be completed from start to finish.
  • We started off by setting up the account and adding learners to the portal, followed by establishing the phishing templates and security awareness for the client. The custom contents given to us were uploaded, and the metrics for phishing and awareness were finalized according to the client’s needs.

Here are some of the metrics we used for 

  • Phishing campaigns
    • Phish rate over time
    • Phishing campaign overview
    • Phish rate by email template
    • Results of phishing campaign
    • Phish rate by department
    • Details of phishing simulated activity
  • Awareness campaigns
    • Awareness campaign for specific month
    • Training completion rate
    • On time completion
    • Training completion over time
    • Training completion by department
    • Assessment performance
    • Learner grades
    • Group wise completion

Some examples of overall metrics and graphs from customer end




The Results:

  • The client was pleased with the results they saw through our Infosec IQ platform.
  • Some of the positive outcomes were-
  • Monitoring the progress of the learners/employees easily
  • They were able to use the dashboards and metrics to show their management on effectiveness of employees and the platform
  • Trend analysis of pre- and post-security awareness training

Planning to conduct security awareness training in your organisation? Check out the Infosec IQ platform.

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