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Splunk Implementation

Using best practice guidelines from Splunk our engineering team will perform the installation and configuration, indexers, search heads, deployment server, replication and clustering etc.


Splunk app deployment

We can guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate apps suitable to your environment and requirements. There are more than 600 apps available in the Splunkbase. The services we provide include implementation of - premium apps, Splunkbase apps as well as other third party apps, add-ons and data inputs.


Forwarder configurations

We will assist you on configuring the forwarders, including performance benefits of forwarder, dealing with remote locations and minimizing the volume of data consumed.


Version upgrades

For security reasons and better performance, we must use the latest apps. Positka will provide the services to upgrade the apps in your environment with minimal downtime.


We understand the challenges ... and how to work through them


Case study 1

Dual-standalone setup → robust high-availability setup

  • Leading global Telco
  • Mission critical Splunk setup
  • Migration to be done without any downtime
  • Data to be migrated without duplication

Case study 2

Single site non-clustered → Multi-site clustered setup

  • Leading global media firm
  • Mission critical setup (SOC)
  • Minimal system downtime required
  • Splunk ES based setup
  • High-availability and DR considerations

Case study 3

Splunk Cloud (AWS) → On—prem setup

  • Leading education institution in APAC
  • Requirement to maintain legacy data
  • Parallel switchover planning
  • High-availability and DR considerations

Some key considerations for migration projects:

  • Review scalability and performance needs
  • Review high-availability and DR requirements
  • Legacy data needs careful consideration
  • Regulatory & compliance requirements for data

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