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Positka Offerings

Driving Deeper Customer Engagement with Big Data

Data mining for customer targeting to quota setting. Identify the most loyal and valuable customers with focus on deepening relationships. Establish migration path and sales/marketing approach to cultivate customers through the lifecycle.


Smart IoT through Machine Data

Big Data analytics solutions for IoT. Multi-disciplinary team to develop solutions aligned to business needs and hypothesis-driven approach to drive faster time for implementation.


Procurement Risk Management

Real time review of transactions against past purchase patterns to identify anomalies and 24×7 crawling technologies to ingest internet data; Artificial intelligence algorithms identify supplier/commodity relevant data.


AI based Automated Web Crawling and Information Presentment

Extract only the most relevant insights while filtering out the noise on the internet. 24×7 web crawling technologies to read and ingest data being put out on the internet. Artificial intelligence algorithms provide first filter to identify most important data points.


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