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A large refractory subsidiary of a Japanese business conglomerate wanted to attain SecOps maturity and excellence. The customer was facing significant challenges in ensuring strong cybersecurity measures and an effective response to cyber threats. 

Key challenges:

Their specific business need was to find a reliable security partner who could protect and respond to any cyber security event. They had several pain points that needed to be addressed. Their key requirements and expectations from the partner included a robust monitoring and detection platform, a well-documented and institutionalized Incident Response plan, a maturity roadmap to optimize their investment in multiple security tools such as IAM, NBAD, CRQ, and VA, as well as a blueprint for funding security projects with quantified ROI.

Solutions implemented:

To address these needs, several solutions were implemented. First, an industry-specific threat assessment was conducted for the manufacturing sector to identify active threat vectors. Bespoke use cases and a rules library were created specifically to address the identified threats. Next, a next-generation SOC (Security Operations Center) platform was implemented, incorporating custom rules, threat intelligence feeds, and an alerts management workflow. SOC performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), operational reports, and dashboards were designed to ensure full visibility into the security operations.

Additionally, the Incident Response plans were documented, and an IR table-top exercise was conducted to simulate critical scenarios like ransomware attacks and compromised credentials. The cyber risk was quantified, and a maturity roadmap was prepared, outlining a pipeline for projects aimed at reducing the risk.

Benefits delivered:

  • Full visibility and detection capability across IT assets and manufacturing sites
  • Protected critical applications like ERP, CRM, Controls and Instrumentation applications
  • Prepared organisation (including end users and functions other than IT-Sec) to handle and respond in a cyber-attack event
  • Quantified approach to funding of security projects based on reduction of risk  

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