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Splunk SOAR

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) is a technology that allows enterprise organizations to collect security threats' alerts and data from multiple sources, and then perform incident analysis and remediation process by using both human skills and machine power together to help in defining, prioritizing, and driving. In the current trend, security teams face the below challenges

  • Too many incidents
  • Too many false positives
  • Many repetitive manual steps that take away time for more human value-added activities
  • Time to resolve incident get extended while waiting for availability of analyst's time
  • Some incidents can remain unaddressed due to lack of analyst bandwidth
  • Constant need to train new security analysts on the standard incident response SOPs, and ensuring consistent execution by different analysts on the defined procedures

The perfect platform for
security automation


Orchestration and Automation

Execute actions across your entire infrastructure. Automate using visually-designed playbooks for use cases like event triage and remediation workflows.



Execute actions within seconds. Choose the right response with more than 1,000+ APIs and 200+ apps supported in the SOAR Platform


Ready to start Community Playbooks

A large and active user community offers the opportunity to share playbooks, apps or brainstorm ideas for new automation use cases.


In-built Savings Dashboard

Critical to understand the quantitative performance gain and resource savings that automation provides and to have this information readily available via a dashboard.


Visual Editor for Playbooks

A visual automation editor allows all security experts, who may not be an expert at writing playbooks at the source code level, to construct sophisticated playbooks.


Flexibility to develop Customized Apps

Develop integrations to extend the functionality of the automation platform. Utilizes an open framework that follows a common standard and programming model.

Our Offerings

At Positka, we provide flexible solutions for your automation journey with the SOAR tools. Our services include assisting you in getting fluent with the software while providing guidance for playbook maintenance and end-to-end installation. Our SME discusses and helps your team with the entire process of integration


Readiness Assessment and Business Case Study

The assessment helps to jumpstart the decision making and initiation of the automation initiative. Positka delivers an executive ready report customized to your requirements.


Playbook Maintenance, Insurance and Support

Flex IQ playbook Development and Maintenance lets you purchase implementation of a single at a fixed unit price and provides the service to maintain your playbook.


End-to-end Installation And Integration

Positka’s experienced consultants with you on a phased approach to help with your automation. This delivers early wins to gain payback and fund the subsequent phases of automation.


Domain SME Advisory

Speak to the Domain Subject Matter Expert on Security Operations, IT Operations and more to discuss other playbooks that would be relevant to your requirements.


SOAR Training

Positka provides customized training for your team to be fluent with SOAR playbooks and apps. Learn to design playbook and master the tools of automation.


Custom App Development

Automation apps add a lot of sophistication to your environment. Positka’s app development SMEs help design and develop the apps customized to your specific requirements.

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