Data governance with Cribl’s observability solution

Discover how Cribl, an advanced observability solution, can help you overcome the challenges of scattered data and achieve effective data governance


Stay ahead of cyber threats with SOC service provider

This blog explores how SOC service providers can help organizations stay ahead of cyber threats and improve their overall cyber security posture.


Global Security Operations Center pros for enterprise security

Take a look at why many businesses are using Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs) to battle increasingly sophisticated and complex cyberattacks.


Tracking and Monitoring Ransomware Attacks Using Splunk

In this blog you'll get a deeper look into how ransomware, a serious cybersecurity threat, can be tracked and monitored using Splunk.


Securing the future of healthcare: Safeguarding medical devices through OT security

Safeguard medical devices through OT security by knowing in-depth details about the rising threats and your vulnerabilities to shield your organization against it


Legacy SIEM vs Nextgen SIEM vs XDR: What you need to know

With the soaring popularity of SIEM and the rising necessity of confidentiality, SIEM tools are constantly looked for monitoring the overall security infrastructure.


Cyber security perspectives for Major Payment Institutions in Singapore

Check out the blog on Cyber security compliance requirements for financial industry players in Singapore.


Six questions to ask your managed security services partner

It's vital to ensure that your MSS partner is the right fit for your organisation. Here are some questions for your MSSP partner to evaluate their capabilities.

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