BBTok Banking Trojan: Analysis and mitigation

Discover how to protect against BBTok banking trojans in Latin America. Analyzing threats, the latest changes, and mitigation strategies.

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HijackLoader malware loader- traits and precautions

Explore HijackLoader virus traits, dangers, security tips, and the latest attack vectors and updates in this comprehensive study.

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Blister malware: advancements and evasion

This threat bulletin gives insight into the ongoing Blister malware threats, evasion tactics, and strategies for enhanced defense.

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Enhanced version released for KmsdBot malware

Upgraded KmsdBot malware targets IoT devices, signaling a concerning evolution in cyber threats. Organizations respond with heightened cybersecurity measures.

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Emergence of advanced BlackCat ransomware variant

Discover Microsoft's findings on advanced BlackCat ransomware variant ALPHV using Impacket and RemCom for effective lateral movement & remote code execution.

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JanelaRAT - A Targeted Financial Malware Threat in LATAM

Check out the bulletin update on JanelaRAT: Targeted financial malware in LATAM evading detection using DLL side-loading.

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Reptile Rootkit and its mitigation strategies

Look into the Powerful Linux threat with stealth and reverse shell capabilities. Impacting South Korean systems, its GitHub debut sparked widespread attacks

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The growing threat of AVrecon: Unraveling the Linux Botnet

AVrecon, a potent Linux virus, orchestrates a vast botnet of 70,000+ SOHO routers for bandwidth theft and illicit proxy services, empowering cybercriminals.

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Dangerous HotRat - A variant of AsyncRAT malware

Beware the HotRat malware, a dangerous variant of AsyncRAT, spreading via pirated software downloads. Safeguard your system now

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