OwnCloud vulnerability: Subdomain Validation Bypass

This threat bulletin provides an overview of the OwnCloud vulnerability, its consequences, and possible mitigation measures.

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Kamran Android Spyware

Look into the new Android spyware called Kamran which recently emerged in the Gilgit-Baltista region, that targets people who speak Urdu.

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Emerging Gootloader Malware Threat Evades defences

In this threat bulletin, let's look at the signature tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of GootLoader malware and dive into the new ways it gets around

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Emerging SeroXen RAT malware

Take a look at the new malware threat, SeroXen RAT, which is a remote access trojan that’s been discovered, and discuss its implications for security.

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Emerging Exelastealer malware threat

This paper examines the characteristics of ExelaStealer, the potential danger vectors connected to it, and offers mitigation strategies to lessen its effects.

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ToddyCat APT Group Threat Analysis

Explore ToddyCat APT: Cyberespionage, Threats, & Defenses. Learn about their tactics, IOCs, and how to safeguard your organization.

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Advanced phishing campaigns with EvilProxy

Stay informed about the latest malware threat EvilProxy, its evolution, SIEM rule updates, IOCs, and protective measures in this comprehensive report.

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A report on BunnyLoader malware threat

BunnyLoader: Powerful C/C++ malware loader for cybercriminals, evading detection with fileless loading. Get insights on its dangerous capabilities.

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A report on EvilBamboo threat actor

Explore evolving cyber threats: EvilBamboo's tactics targeting Taiwanese, Tibetan, and Uyghur communities exposed. Learn more.

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