A single view of Non-Compliances across an organization’s IT systems

A global financial services major who wants to successfully meet their compliance requirements and to keep track of all the rules they must follow for their security compliance process. So they create an "Intelligent Compliance Dashboard & Reporting" system that gives them a single view of all the organization's Non-Compliances.


  • Inefficient Manual Remediation efforts: Fix non-compliances from 50,000+ scan reports from different platforms (Windows/Databases/ Networks etc); More than 80 man-hours spent on a monthly basis
  • Data quality issues due to manual tracking and reconciliation across multiple data sources lead to a lack of confidence in reporting
  • Need for risk-based prioritization for thousands of non-compliances to be remediated
  • Redundant effort where non-compliance has been previously reviewed and a decision made to not remediate but accept the risk instead


  • Splunk-based compliance dashboard with multiple-level access controls for need-based views (country view, domain view, etc)
  • User Interactive experience – raw scan data into the visually appealing customized useful presentation: such as Choropleth Map, Tagcloud, Sunburst Chart, and Cluster Map
  • Single source of information for remediation effort with an end-to-end view across multiple data sources that enable quick resolution of Non-compliance risk items.


  • End-to-end platform presenting single view across entire IT estate of the organization; supports a common understanding of the issues and drives alignment in decisions
  • Reduced cycle time and total cost for remediation
  • Reporting to support compliance and regulatory audit requirements

Monitored Systems/Data Sources: Symantec Scan Data, 000’s of servers, databases, and other network devices.

Users: Remediation Team, Security & Compliance Team, Senior Management Executives

Product: Splunk Enterprise, Custom Visualizations

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