Protect Your Data and Boost Compliance: DPDP Act and Cybersecurity for Indian Manufacturers

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Problems being faced by the customer/Specific business need/Pain point to address

A media streaming client wants to integrate contents for privileged identity management but lacks the skills & expertise to do so. By using IBM PIM, the media streaming client can identify and respond to security threats quickly, before they can cause damage.

Solutions applied:

  • Log Collection – Standard log source attachment – IBM PIM
    • The OOB support was available for this log source but some critical configuration changes and database modifications are involved from PIM side in order to pull audit events to QRadar.
  • Use case creation
    • Developed custom use cases and dashboards based on privileged monitoring scenarios and available data sources.
    • Developed custom views/ menu options to drill down to display the additional correlated information to the offenses generated.

Benefits delivered: 

Helps to identify security issues and privileges escalations -Enabled reporting on SLAs violation through the IBM QRadar


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