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A report on Jenkins CVE-2024-23897 vulnerability

Critical Jenkins vulnerability (CVE-2024-23897) poses severe RCE threat, exposing organizations to remote code execution risks in CI/CD pipelines.

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Ivanti Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: Connect Secure and IPS

Stay informed about critical vulnerabilities in Ivanti Connect Secure VPN and Policy Secure appliances exploited by UNC5221 since December 2023.

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Unmasking Androxgh0st: A deep dive to safeguard your network

Stay vigilant against emerging cyber threats. FBI and CISA uncover Androxgh0st malware - explore tactics and strategies to strengthen your network defenses.

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Evolving Threat: Unraveling the resurgence of Bandook RAT

This threat bulletin dives into the resurgence of the Bandook remote access trojan (RAT), offering a nuanced perspective on its historical evolution.

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Defend against DLL Hijacking in Windows Environments

In this threat bulletin, we unravel the nuances of DLL hijacking, exploring not only its intricacies but also strategies to fortify our defenses.

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Unveiling the Cloud Atlas Cyber Threat

In this threat bulletin, we delve into the recent activities of the sophisticated Cloud Atlas group, shedding light on their advanced methodologies.

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PikaBot malware: Unveiling the malicious network

This threat bulletin gives insight into the malware PikaBot, a highly sophisticated loader that emerged in early 2023, including its distribution techniques.

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Strategic threat analysis : MrAnon stealer malware campaign

Get an outline of MrAnon stealer malware, its evolution, potential threats & possible ways of improving Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Systems

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Security analysis and management of HRSERV.DLL in Windows OS

Look into the structure, functions, and possible system performance impacts of HRSERV.DLL, a very important Dynamic Link Library file in Windows OS.

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