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Greatness- A PhaaS platform risks Microsoft 365 Users

This threat bulletin gives insight into Greatness, a new Phishing-as-a-service platform which targets corporate customers of the Microsoft 365 cloud service

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The New Cactus ransomware self-encrypts to avoid antivirus

This threat bulletin gives insight into the Cactus ransomware, which uses known flaws in VPN hardware to get early access to the networks of well-known companies

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Decoy Dog: Malware Toolkit Targeting Enterprise Networks

This threat bulletin gives insight into the malware toolkit Decoy Dog, identified by the cybersecurity organization Infoblox which uses smart evasive strategies.

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Outdated WordPress plugin lets hackers backdoor sites

This threat bulletin gives insight into the outdated WordPress plugin that lets threat actors covertly backdoor websites

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'Legion', a Python-Based Hacking Tool appears on telegram

This threat bulletin gives insight into the python based hacking tool Legion, used by threat actors to penetrate internet services for exploitation.

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NPM inundated with Fake Packages, Resulting in DoS Attack

This threat bulletin gives insight into the DoS assault that interrupted NPM and caused users to receive the "Service Unavailable" error message

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AlienFox hackers target AWS, Google, and Microsoft API keys & secrets

This threat bulletin provides insight into the malware AlienFox, where attackers collect API keys and secrets from well-known services

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Inadequately secured Linux Systems- Victims of ShellBot DDoS Malware

This threat bulletin gives insight into ShellBot, a DDoS Bot malware written in Perl and uses IRC protocols for connection

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Hinatabot Targets on DDOS attacks

This threat bulletin gives insight into a recent Go-based botnet HinataBot, which specializes in initiating DDoS assaults and preys on Linux-based servers

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