The industry landscape is changing at an incredible rate, with new technologies emerging every day that can impact your organisation's ability to detect and respond to attacks.

It's difficult to protect against everything - there is just too much out there. But if you have proper SIEM rules in place, you can start to see some trends and learn where your business might be vulnerable to attacks.

The goal of this webinar is to give you a brief overview of the current state of threat monitoring and detection, discuss the issues with it in terms of threats, what is industry-based threat monitoring, along with some examples/case studies on how to implement an industry-based threat monitoring solution for your organization and how they've been able to use SIEM solutions to overcome these challenges. 

In this webinar our industry expert Kunal Sharma will discuss problems and solutions associated with threat monitoring and a real-world threat monitoring Case study based on the customer's current environment. 


  1. Industry based threat landscape - overview 
  2. Current issues with monitoring and detection in terms of threats 
  3. What is industry-based threat monitoring? 
  4. What is a Threat based approach to cybersecurity? 
  5. How to make SIEM rules relevant for your organisation? 
  6. Example/ Case study 
  7. Q/A 

Our Speakers

Kunal Sharma
Director SecOps