WormGPT is a recently discovered AI cybercrime tool designed for malicious activities. It automates the creation of highly convincing fake emails, increasing the success rate of phishing and BEC attacks.


  • Description: WormGPT is a generative AI tool developed for cybercriminals, acting as a blackhat alternative to other GPT models.
  • Automated Fake Emails: WormGPT leverages generative AI to create persuasive fake emails, mimicking legitimate communications for more effective attacks.
  • Exploiting AI Technology: It utilizes generative AI to generate emails with impeccable grammar, reducing suspicion and increasing attack success.
  • Comparison with ChatGPT and Bard: WormGPT competes with ChatGPT and Bard, excelling in generating convincing malicious content.
  • Detection Challenges: WormGPT democratizes sophisticated BEC attacks, making it accessible even to attackers with limited skills.


  • Employee Education: Train employees to recognize and respond to phishing emails, including those generated by AI tools like WormGPT.
  • Advanced Email Filtering: Implement robust filtering systems to identify and prevent AI-generated malicious emails.
  • Security Measures: Strengthen security with regular patch management and advanced security solutions.


WormGPT highlights the misuse of generative AI tools by cybercriminals. Its automated creation of convincing fake emails poses a significant threat in phishing and BEC attacks. Organizations must stay vigilant, educate employees, and implement strong security measures to defend against such sophisticated cyber attacks.

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