Introduction Infosec IQ

Infosec IQ platform

Infosec IQ platform is a solution to solve a common problem that customers face in today's world (i.e.) cyber security awareness training and phishing simulation. It is one of the few platforms which provides all-in-one awareness training, phishing simulation and reporting with automation and ease, and got, some awards for its excellent work in its field for creating a difference.

Methodology Used



Foster a positive cybersecurity environment in your company with tailored training programs for employees, shaped by role-based modules and gamified sessions.



Save valuable time with automated learner management, training initiatives and simulated phishing tests to ensure the lessons remain up-to-date.



For streamlined program management, reporting and attack response, it's key to link up with your LMS, as certain the provider and activate endpoint protection plus SOC.



Using employee risk scores, learning outcomes, and your cybersecurity culture ,detect and anticipate cyber threats.



Impart secure behaviours in every employee by using actionable data to provide the basis for training.

Capabilities of Infosec IQ


Customer training, proven results

  • Role-based customized
  • Industry-specific training and phishing simulations
  • Compliance modules
  • NIST training guidelines

Deliver engagement; relevant training to everyone

  • Live action videos
  • Animations
  • Humorous videos
  • Microlearning
  • Compliance modules
  • Reinforcement tools

Phishing simulation

  • 1000+ phishing templates in our library
  • Customize the phishing templates or build your own
  • Empower employees to report phishing emails
  • Simulate the most sophisticated phishing attacks

Measure what matters

  • Measure baseline knowledge
  • Track training retention
  • 90+ pre-built assessments
  • Deliver ROI and a dashboard tied to NIST standard
  • Create and send reports to the team

Customize training and remain compliant

  • Role based customization
  • Finance-specific training and phishing simulations
  • PII, PCI, GDPR, GLBA, SOX, PCI DSS and more
  • NIST framework

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