Managed Security Services

Managed Security Service is a completely outsourced security solution for organizations. Positka’s managed security service ensures cyber resilience in the face of notorious cybersecurity threats and attacks.
More importantly, we offer a highly trained security operations team whose responsibility is to carefully monitor and manage the cybersecurity environment of your organization 24/7. Our security team applies periodic patching, upgrades, modifications, and other necessary maintenance. The team is highly equipped with threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Cybersecurity threats and attacks are increasing exponentially even faster than the enhancements enterprises are making

Challenges faced by CISOs/CIOs to combat this threat

Meeting Cyber Skills Gap
Meeting Cyber Skills Gap
According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global shortage of cybersecurity experts was expected to reach 3.5 million unskilled positions by 2021. Another report discovered that 70% of organizations responded that they were addressing a cyber skills shortage and 93% of companies reported that the cyber skills shortage is either getting worse or staying the same – 2022 trend
No Visibility to Threats and Alerts
No Visibility to Threats and Alerts
Signature based detection capabilities and outdated correlation algorithms are no match to modern AI ML based and behaviour based SIEM and EDR platforms. Next Gen UEBA platforms enable to surface deeper threat detection and relevant alerts.
Limited detection capability of legacy tools
Limited detection capability of legacy tools
Today’s cybersecurity threats are very sophisticated and fast. The legacy SIEM & signature based EDR solutions cannot protect organizations in the face of these threats due to outdated correlation capabilities, outdated rules, and insufficient knowledge resources. Customers experience slow response, non-transparency in reporting, and no support for platform upgradation from traditional MSSP
Fatigue due to alerts noise
Fatigue due to alerts noise
Next Gen MSSP can effectively address the alert fatigue and provide SecOps teams great visibility into each alert. True positive is accurately identified and dealt with before it causes a security incident.

Experience Next Gen Managed Security Services with Positka


  • Next Gen SIEM with UEBA and AI-ML based rules
  • Behavior based EDR platform with 100% ransomware & malware detection
  • On going rule optimization and alert fine-tuning with Data sources health monitoring
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  • 24x7 Alerts monitoring & triage
  • Noise reduction techniques
  • False positive reduction by up to 90%


  • Automated triage and manual intervention
  • IR workflows with containment, eradication and remediation recommendations
  • E2E Incident Management & Closure
Driving deeper customer engagement with Big Data-01


  • Periodic vulnerability scans & rescan post validation
  • Security awareness & phishing simulation
  • Empower customer security team with security knowledge and insights
  • Annual security posture assessment jointly with customer team

Why Positka as a managed security service partner?

Trusted by Global MNCs, Govt agencies and Fintech Unicorns
Standards Based
100% Customer retention owing to service quality and customer centric approach
Transparent and predictable commercial model
360 Degree Security coverage (SecOps, Security Engineering & Compliance )
Library of 400+ Rules to cover modern threats, zero day attack, cloud security & IoT

Our Flexible Pricing Model

We have highly competitive pricing for our managed security services. Our base pricing starts from


100-200 Users


Up to 500 Users


Up to 1000 Users

Book an appointment for a custom price for 

more than 1000 Users

Next Gen SIEM

    • Cloud based next gen SIEM with UEBA
    • Log sources integration
    • Standard Out of box use cases

Security Event Monitoring

    • 24×7 monitoring of alerts
    • Alerts validation, false positive identification
    • Incident handling & root cause analysis by cyber defence experts
    • Tickets creation and incident management
SIEM Use Case Management
    • Recommendations for : rules refinement, new data connectors, settings fine tuning
    • Define incident response procedure and processes
    • Alerts/incidents analytics and periodic reporting

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