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Modern-day businesses rely on software systems to thrive and deliver solutions to customers. However, ensuring the reliability and scalability of these systems is not easy unless you have the right set of tools at your disposal. This is where an observability solution comes into play. It offers a comprehensive view of your applications and infrastructure. Now, with a plethora of observability tools available in the market, it becomes a daunting task to identify the right one that aligns perfectly with your needs. And that is where this blog can help as we will delve into different factors that determine how capable the solution is. 

How to pick the right observability solution for your business?

There are six key factors that you must consider while picking an observability solution for your business -

1) Troubleshooting

2) Unified experience

3) Comprehensive visibility

4) IT modernization

5) Infrastructure Monitoring

6) Security

The only observability solution that checks all these 6 factors is Splunk Observability Solution. Splunk observability solution offers end-to-end observability capabilities including deep visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting. It tracks the performance through logs and metrics and optimizes your systems for better efficiency.

Let us now understand in detail how Splunk satisfies all the above criteria and is the best observability solution available today. 

1) It can troubleshoot issues quickly

Splunk Observability Solution can identify and solve complex problems at an unimaginable pace. It is the only full-stack, analytics-powered, and Open Telemetry native software present today. This potent combination makes Splunk a reliable observability solution for companies of all sizes. Its ability to correlate data across different components and systems ensures that it can quickly pinpoint the source of a problem and accelerate the troubleshooting process.

2) It lets you offer a stellar user experience

Splunk cloud observability solution enables you to consistently offer a frictionless experience to all your users. For starters, it reduces the impact of unplanned downtime. This has a positive impact on your reliability, thus paving the way for strong relationships with your customers. Reports suggest that proactive monitoring can reduce sudden surprises by 50% and eventually reduce the impact of downtime. Long story short, with the Splunk observability solution at your disposal, you can not only track your system’s performance but also use the data to tailor the experiences according to needs.

3) It offers comprehensive visibility into your systems

Splunk Observability Solution gives you a 360-degree view of your entire technology stack, including applications, containers, microservices, cloud infrastructure, and network components. It collects and analyses data from various sources, such as the Splunk Log Observer to offer this visibility. It also comes with real-time analytics capabilities that can identify bottlenecks, anomalies, and potential issues in any system, allowing you to take proactive measures to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

4) It can streamline your modernization strategy

Modernization of IT is all about replacing outdated and legacy systems with more modern and sophisticated systems. A subproduct of Splunk observability solution, Splunk IT Service Intelligence prioritizes modernization issues based on their severity and addresses them one by one to improve the outcomes of your strategy. Splunk also provides an in-bound cloud migration service as a part of its services This ensures that you can store and access huge volumes of data without having to worry about storage capacities.

5) It can monitor all types of infrastructures

Splunk observability solution is not only capable of monitoring the performance of other tools but also of the entire infrastructure. The best part is - it doesn’t matter if you have on-premises or hybrid infrastructure, Splunk can generate real-time data about it. Splunk’s infrastructure monitoring tool also comes loaded with several features such as instant visualization, real-time alerts, and centralized enterprise controls, all of which make it a breezy experience to monitor infrastructures. 

6) It keeps your data secure

At the end of the day, all that matters is how secure your data is. Splunk observability solution and Splunk SIEM together offer best-in-class security and protect your data from thefts. Splunk has been able to achieve a remarkable 80% reduction in alert volume in the security issues category. You can also customize the security component of Splunk Observability Solution to take instant action as soon as an incident is identified.


Observability has become the need of the hour as it helps in managing complex systems, gathering data, and working on key improvement areas. In the past few years, Splunk has been synonymous with observability, offering businesses the most advanced observability solution ever built. So if you are an enterprise looking for an observability solution, your search will end with Splunk Observability Solution. 

For a successful and efficient implementation of Splunk Observability Solution, it is crucial to collaborate with a specialist like Positka. As an experienced Splunk implementation partner, Positka offers the expertise and support necessary to seamlessly integrate Splunk Observability Solution with your existing systems. With Positka as your trusted Splunk implementation partner, you can harness the full potential of Splunk Observability and gain a comprehensive view of your systems 24X7. Contact us to know more. 

This author is a tech writer in Positka writing amazing blogs on latest smart security tech.

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