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Maintaining reliability, delivering exceptional user experiences, and fostering innovation are paramount in the digital realm. Enter Splunk Observability Cloud – a robust platform designed to offer full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities across infrastructure, applications, and user interfaces in real-time and at any scale.

Key Objectives

  1. Keep your services reliable: Ensure the continuous reliability of your services through comprehensive monitoring.
  2. Deliver great customer experiences: Optimize user experiences by identifying and addressing performance issues.
  3. Innovate faster: Leverage actionable insights to drive innovation and improve operational efficiency.

Getting Started

Choosing from a repertoire of over 100 supported open standards-based integrations, Splunk Observability Cloud seamlessly extracts data from on-premise and cloud infrastructures, applications, and user interfaces. The result? A unified platform that transforms raw metrics, traces, and logs into actionable insights.

Data Transformation with Observability Cloud

Splunk Observability Cloud's data model harmoniously converts diverse data types into dashboards, visualizations, and alerts. For a deeper dive into the data model, refer to the [Data types in Splunk Observability Cloud] documentation.

Products and Features

Splunk Observability Cloud comprises a suite of products and features, each playing a crucial role in providing full-stack observability. Let's explore some key components:

1. Infrastructure monitoring in Splunk:

Splunk infrastructure monitoring (IM) is a significant aspect of the Splunk cloud observability platform that offers deep visibility into the performance and health of an entire IT infrastructure.

  • It understands hybrid and multi-cloud environment infrastructures and resources
  • Support for an extensive range of integration assures complete data acquisition.
2. Application performance monitoring in Splunk (APM):

APM allows organizations to see every layer of their application stack, including front-end components, back-end services, databases and more.

  • Collect and analyze traces and spans from distributed applications
  • Full-fidelity access to application data for robust performance monitoring
3. Real user monitoring in Splunk (RUM):

RUM collects performance metrics, web vitals, errors, etc., enabling you to locate faults within your software, judge the health of your app, and understand how your users experience its activities.

  • Understand front-end user experiences
  • To capture and analyze user interactions with web applications in real-time such as page load times, network latency, errors, browser details, geographical location etc.
4. Splunk Synthetic Monitoring:

Synthetic monitoring involves creating simulated transactions or interactions that mimic real user behaviors to measure the system's performance.

  • Web based properties’ performance measured synthetically.
  • APIs, service endpoints and end-user experiences uptime and performances optimization.
5. Splunk Log Observer:

Splunk Log Observer is a feature or capability within the Splunk platform that is designed to observe and analyze log data generated by various systems, applications, devices, and services in real-time.

  • Troubleshoot using high-context logs application and infrastructure behavior.
  • Extract fields for log processing perform codeless queries.
6. Splunk On-Call:

Splunk On-Call (formerly known as VictorOps) is an incident management and on-call management platform designed to streamline and enhance the incident response process for IT teams, DevOps, and support teams.

  • Streamlined alert delivery with incident response software.
  • Efficient response through chat tools aligning with log management & monitoring.
7. Splunk Observability Cloud for Mobile:

Splunk Observability Cloud for Mobile is a specialized offering within the Splunk Observability suite tailored for monitoring and gaining insights into mobile applications' performance, user experience, and overall health.

  • A companion mobile app for on-the-go monitoring.
  • Access critical metrics, real-time alerts, and mobile-friendly dashboards.

Integration and Data Ingestion

The first step toward full-stack observability is getting data into Observability Cloud. With over 100 supported integrations, achieving this integration is seamless. For detailed information, refer to [Get data into Splunk Observability Cloud].

Additional Splunk Offerings

In addition to the core products, Splunk offers complementary solutions:

  1. Splunk IT Essentials Work: A free application for monitoring and analyzing IT infrastructure.
  2. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI): A premium IT operations solution providing actionable insight into IT service performance.


Splunk Observability Cloud stands as a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking unified, end-to-end observability of their digital environment. Whether you are troubleshooting issues, optimizing performance, or enhancing user experiences, Splunk Observability Cloud provides the tools and insights you need.

Uncover hidden performance issues and optimize your operations. Explore the possibilities with Splunk Observability Cloud and elevate your digital operations to new heights!

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Being a Splunk Singapore partner, Positka specializes in high-end technology solutions to help businesses improve their overall IT infrastructure. Founded in 2014, our services include Splunk Services, Cybersecurity & Risk Management, Security Awareness Training, Managed Security Services, Lean Process Optimization, Robotic Process Enablement Services and Solutions, while partnering with other top-tier companies like SentinelOne and so on. We are headquartered in Singapore and operate across India, the US, and the UK as well.

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