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The prevalence of cyber-attacks targeting organizations has grown exponentially in recent years, underscoring the necessity to equip employees with proper security awareness in corporates. As a result, the best insurance your business can have against cyber-attack is to conduct effective security awareness training for your employees. 

Impact of Corporate Security Awareness Training:

Employees are always vulnerable to cybersecurity risks, but effectual training and simulations can alleviate the possibility of a potential breach. The awareness training prepares the employees beforehand for a defensive response and minimizes the likelihood of security breaches and protect the company's sensitive information, such as financial data and personal information of customers and employees. Additionally, security awareness training can help create a culture of security within the organization and increase employee vigilance and diligence when it comes to security matters.

Ultimately, the goal of any awareness training is to enhance the consciousness and alert level of employees and elucidate how their actions influence the network and company assets.

How’s the Security Awareness Training implemented in Corporates?

Security Awareness Training can be conducted in a variety of ways. Some companies opt for seminars or one-on-one instruction, while others provide online materials. Top-rated corporates tend to prefer online methods to keep up with their constantly growing workforce while ensuring that everyone receives the necessary training.

Online training that is split into small segments and accompanied by visuals will help employees to effectively grasp the content. The length of each lesson can be flexible, as employees have far more control over how they take in information online than they do in a traditional lecture or seminar. Online training systems can also be flexible enough to accommodate individual work preferences. It allows employees to go through modules at their own pace while still holding them accountable for what they have learned.

Below are some factors that measure the success rate of your security awareness training:

  • Providing relevant training according to the department and level of the employees.

It’s important to note that not all employees can keep up with high-level security training. Fruitful outcomes can be evident only when appropriate training is given to appropriate people.

  • Conducting assessments/quizzes on security awareness.
  • The time spent by employees in training is a good indicator of their involvement.
  • On-time completion.
  • Fewer people failed in the assessment.
  • Comparing the month-over-month results.
  • Sending a phishing campaign after an awareness campaign to assess the practical knowledge.

What if there is no Training & Awareness for a business?

Cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate and have become more sophisticated. Even with the high intellect of employees, they need the security awareness training to pause and think. Besides phishing training, awareness campaigns play a vital role in customizing the knowledge the company wants its employees to stay updated on. Companies trying to build cybersecurity teams or fight an epidemic should often invest in training for customers as well as employees.

What is the estimated budget for a training and awareness program to secure business operations?

Depending on the service option chosen, the budget will vary. Opting for managed services is recommended for beginners in this field, as it ensures consistent delivery, with an estimated cost of "per employee per year." As the team grows and delivery becomes more stable, responsibilities can be shared between the vendor and client, provided there is a positive vendor-client relationship.

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