Irrespective of the industry they are in, enterprises are constantly on the lookout for fresh data sources that will help them receive the desired insights about their environments. However, there are multiple challenges in this, such as:

  • It drastically increases the volume of data governed by these businesses on a daily basis.
  • It can lead to increased infrastructure investments.
  • Most observability solutions today are unable to scale with the business requirements.
  • The tools that scale are unable to provide a cost-effective way to retain data in the long run.

To address these challenges, organizations have embraced Splunk to a great extent. But many of these organizations need a complete solution that:

  • Can receive data from multiple sources without needing additional architecture
  • Can be deployed both on-premises and cloud
  • Can help businesses make informed decisions
  • Can help businesses try out new use cases at scale

And this is where the combination of Cribl and Splunk comes in handy. Cribl addresses these concerns with the help of Cribl Stream.

What are Cribl Stream?

Cribl Stream is an observability pipeline that can be connected to your already set-up environment. It can route, remodel, and enrich data from any source to any destination. And the best part, you do not have to add new infrastructure or agents. Enterprises can use Cribl Stream along with Crible Edge together to gain complete control over their data.

Why combine Cribl Stream with Splunk?

When you use Cribl Stream to optimize a Splunk deployment, you get access to world-class data that you can use for optimizing cost and scale. Besides that here are some more benefits of using Cribl to optimize a Splunk deployment - 

Extend your analytics capabilities

When you use Cribl, you are effectively freeing up valuable analytic capacity in Splunk. This is mainly because you send data to the most cost-effective destinations like object storage. In other words, you are splitting your enterprise’s instance from the system of record. This allows you to transfer data to the best tool for the job.

Boost system performance

You can drastically reduce the volume of ingested logs. This can not only help you control costs but also improve system performance. You are effectively removing null values and duplicate fields with the help of dynamic sampling. In other words, you are eliminating all the elements that offer little analytic value to your enterprise. 

Aggregate logs into metrics

You can also filter events, screen them, and aggregate log data into metrics, ensuring volume reduction at scale. You will automatically experience a drastic decrease in the count of events and data volume. You also get the option to decide whether to send these metrics to Splunk for further analysis.

Replay data at any time for analysis in Splunk

You can replay a variety of data formats for analysis when you combine Splunk and Cribl. By using Stream as a universal receiver, you can collect data from any source or even schedule batch collection from a variety of APIs. The best part is you can recall data from several low-cost object stores and send them to Splunk for further investigations. 

Final Thoughts

Many companies have adopted Splunk in their pursuit to collect and process mountains of data. However, they also require an observability solution that can adapt to their business needs, has a cost-efficient way to store data for extended periods, and can handle massive data volumes. That's where Cribl comes in, offering an observability pipeline that collaborates with any tool, reduces costs, and performs exceptionally well, even with extensive amounts of data. This makes it an ideal companion to Splunk.


Deploying Splunk in your organization can be a daunting undertaking. Adding Cribl to the mix can further complicate matters. It demands specialized skills and expertise. Partnering with a Splunk specialist like Positka can help you fully leverage the experience and expertise of a dedicated team of professionals specializing in Splunk deployment and management. We can ensure that Splunk is tailored to your specific needs and goals and effectively integrated with Cribl for enjoying all the benefits discussed in this post.

To kickstart your Splunk Cribl journey, schedule a call with us today.


This author is a tech writer in Positka writing amazing blogs on latest smart security tech.

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