Splunk Cloud Migration Success Story


Fintech Company that provides payment infrastructure



  • Frequent Infrastructure downtime which resulted in Data loss
  • Delayed Alerts and Reports which had impact in real time monitoring
  • Improper index retention settings
  • Applications were deployed on Kubernetes and the logs were ingested into Splunk, due to the frequent downtime data loss occurred.
  • Historical data migration of 16 TB
  • Splunk Cloud configuration and migration of Knowledge Objects
  • Vetting of customs apps, add-ons, and knowledge objects
  • Preparing and migrating custom apps, KOs, and add-ons from on-prem to Splunk Cloud stack



  • Holistic review of the existing Splunk architecture and implemented Splunk deployment best practices wherever applicable for a smooth migration path to Splunk Cloud
  • Identifying potential pitfalls clearly to take any remediation actions
  • Collaborative engagement to thoroughly execute a plan to migrate configurations and historical data content.
  • Following a prescriptive approach to identify and prioritize the migration with defined milestones
  • Adhering to Splunk cloud Security best practices
  • Online smart store data migration


  • Retired On-prem Splunk and moved to Splunk Cloud stack by migrating successfully
  • No downtime on Infra side and data loss is evicted
  • Have all the configurations, apps and K0’s for full functionality as it was before
  • Migration of historical data which allows to search old data
  • Improved search performance
  • Moving to Splunk Cloud, the customer now can reallocate their time in focusing higher value tasks which are tied to business outcomes rather than spending effort on platform management which is now taken care by Splunk on Cloud


Users: Information Security Team

Product: Splunk Cloud