MORTGAGES OPERATIONS – Mapped customer journey, created process families and designed decision tree

Mortgages operations in a large UK-based global bank involves complex processes, multiple touch points with customer and external vendors, critical decision points and many non-standard artefacts.


  • Long, complex process with multiple decision points, non-standard documents and ever changing regulatory requirements.
  • Operations are under huge time pressure for under-writing and disbursal. Multiple follow ups from client facing staff leads to interruptions.
  • Process involves obtaining information from and updating data onto multiple applications.


  • Created customer journeys to identify touch points and customer value drivers.
  • E2E process mapping was done, all process steps documented.
  • Created decision trees to enable gamification.
  • Standardized loan application form for machine readability.
  • Analysis of customer complains and queries was done to supply inputs for digital channels and chat-bots.


  • Enabled process readiness for automation using IBM BPM® and BlueWorks®. Cost avoidance of USD 80,000 from project budget allocation of USD 3 Mn.
  • TAT for qualification stage reduced from 1 week to same day and for underwriting reduced from 1 week to 2 days for 75% of the application. Multiple process simplification, low cost automation and digitization delivered tangible cost benefits even before tool automation was implemented.
  • Overall 27% cost efficiency was achieved. Benefits realized through head-count reduction and re-deployment.