A single view of Non-Compliances across organization’s IT systems

Security compliance process of a global financial services major, with technology teams spread across multiple locations, required end-to-end visibility of results and remediation actions.


  • Inefficient Manual Remediation efforts: Fix non-compliances from 50,000+ scan reports from different platforms (Windows/Databases/ Networks etc); More than 80 man hours spent on a monthly basis
  • Data quality issues due to manual tracking and reconciliation across multiple data sources leading to lack of confidence in reporting
  • Need for risk based prioritization for thousands of non-compliances to be remediated
  • Redundant effort where non-compliance has been previously reviewed and decision made to not remediate but accept the risk instead


  • Splunk based compliance dashboard with multiple level access controls for need based views (country view, domain view, etc)
  • User Interactive experience – raw scan data into visually appealing customized useful presentation: such as Choropleth Map, Tagcloud, Sunburst Chart and Cluster Map
  • Single source of information for remediation effort with end-to-end view across multiple data sources that enable quick resolution of Non compliance risk items.


  • End-to-end platform presenting single view across entire IT estate of the organization; supports common understanding of the issues and drive alignment in decisions
  • Reduced cycle time and total cost for remediation
  • Reporting to support compliance and regulatory audit requirements

Monitored Systems/Data Sources: Symantec Scan Data, 000’s of servers, databases, and other network devices.

Users: Remediation Team, Security & Compliance Team, Senior Management Executives

Product: Splunk Enterprise, Custom Visualizations