CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS AND CLAIMS (PPI) – E2E Lean Process Implemented for a global team

Lean implementation for PPI claims operations spread across 3 countries was a classic case where all lean lenses were deployed. It was a multi-faceted solution which delivered host of quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits.


  • Strict time-bound process, being closely watched by regulators. It was expected that Bank would miss the deadline set by regulators.
  • Huge cost pressure from large teams spread across 3 countries.
  • Longer turn around time for claims settlement led to multiple escalations from internal and external customers.
  • No visibility to end to end process.


  • Re-engineered the process using value stream mapping. Identified multiple non-value added and redundant.
  • Identified process pain points using customer journey mapping.
  • Multiple low-cost automations were done with a zero-budget mindset.
  • Re-alignment of tasks by applying ECRSS methodology (Eliminate-Combine-Rearrange-Simplify-Standardize).


  • From 3-stage to a 2-stage process delivered 30% efficiency worth $ 2.5Mn in 9 months.
  • Automations reduced processing time from 3 hrs to 45 mins.
  • Complains/queries reduced by 60%, Rework/errors reduced by 80%.
  • Change in shift composition (Agent : Quality Checkers) helped achieve 150% seat utilization.


  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Productivity Management
  • Visual impact
  • Mindsets and Behavior
  • Standardization