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What is Cloud Sec Mon?

Cloud Security monitoring is used to monitor, analyze, detect and neutralize threats across your Cloud infrastructure and applications.

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Why Cloud Sec Mon?

Greater visibility into cloud authentication and access

Access control management visibility to cloud services

Automatic alerts based on suspicious cloud activities

Pre-built Dashboards across different services

Supporting security analytics and usecase analytics dashboards

Extensive library of usecases

Single-Pane-of-Glass Visibility

Integrated Incident Response workflow

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Data Integration

Provides single pane visibility of complete insights and provides an effortless experience in integrating, configuring and monitoring all cloud platform logs from AWS, Azure and GCP across services like Network, Compute, Storage and IAM.

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The Security Posture dashboard gives a consolidated view of key metrics, making it easier for the organization to make key decisions.

security posture
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In order to support investigation from security perspective, User and IP Investigation dashboard provide detailed information about the activity happening within specific services in your cloud environment.

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service overview pane

Service Overview Activity Pane

Provide detailed information about the activity happening within specific services in your cloud environment. Also, it contains multiple filters to help drill down into specific resources to be investigated

service overview pane

Security Analytics View

The Security Analytics view helps conduct rapid investigations using ad hoc searches, as well as static, dynamic and visual correlations to investigate threats or attacks happening in the cloud environment. Get insights with actionable information to reduce risk, threat context and track attacker steps to verify evidence

security analytics view
positka response


Optimize incident response workflows by utilized the integrated incident response workflow based on current customer environment. Assign and track alerts from inception to remediation and closure.

positka response

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