TRADE RECONCILIATION – Trade Processing Systems

Automation of Trade Reconciliation efforts for cost-effective timely trade settlements

A leading banking and financial services company that provides Trade Processing outsourcing services uses Splunk to monitor Trade Processing Systems for efficient trade reconciliation.


  • Trade conversions/Trade flow tracked across several distributed Hubs/Sub-systems
  • Manual reconciliation efforts – unable to quickly aggregate, correlate, analyse data from multiple systems and sources in a timely manner.
  • No single unified view of failed transactions and trade transaction flows
  • Multiple paths/trade flows across distributed sub-systems based on the trade transactions.


  • Exclusive Trade tracking/monitoring dashboard that tracks each and every trade to quickly identify failed trades.
  • Faster resolution time (MTTR) : Troubleshooting made easy by pin-pointing failed trade, failed sub-system for quicker resolutions
  • Metrics benchmarking for performance improvements: Trade travel duration between subsystems for each trade


  • Reduced cycle time and total cost for reconciliation
  • Single pane of view depicting the trade processing flows for thousands of trades across multiple sub-system/Hubs.
  • Operations team can refer to single UI to analyse trade failures and accelerate trade reconciliation process.

Monitored Systems/Data Sources: Trade Processing Sub Systems

Users: Operations Team

Product: Splunk Enterprise