Third Party Security Assessment

How Positka evaluate and streamline your Security System?

Third party service providers are an essential part of the IT ecosystem of every organization. From cloud-infrastructure to software-as-a-service to outsourced business processes, vendors need to have robust security posture, as much as the in-house functions. Numerous data breaches are a result of gaps in cybersecurity practices of an outsourced service vendor.

Positka has codified a risk based approach to third party security assessments. This approach helps to identify the high risk areas where assessments need to be focused, thereby eliminating waste and distraction.

For a global financial services group, Positka’s security solutions helped with end-to-end transformation of the third party security assessment function.

  • Development and implementation of tailored risk-scoring of vendors
  • Top down approach to planning and capacity management
  • Increase in productivity due to risk-weighted approach
  • Reduction in overall risk with help of increased coverage and remediation

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