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Our Splunk Offerings

At Positka, we offer end-to-end Splunk services from consulting and advisory services to Splunk deployments to Use Case developments to Splunk app development services. Our unique blend of domain expertise combined with Splunk capabilities and Pay per Use Case business model enables our clients to accelerate ROIs on Splunk deployments.

Advisory Services

Implementation Services

Maintenance and Management Services

Are you thinking of Implementing Splunk?

Do you have a base level Splunk deployment and looking for more advanced cases?

Are you looking for support in holistically managing and evolving your Splunk ecosystem?

Why Positka For Splunk?

  • Splunk Certified Admins
  • Splunk Certified Architects
  • 5+ years of Splunk expertise
  • Work experience includes working with Fortune 500 blue chip firms
  • Security – SIEM
  • E-commerce and Payments
  • DevOps
  • IoT
  • Digital Marketing
  • Financial Trade Flows
  • 30 – 50% cost savings per use case delivered, when compared to the FTE and contractor models
  • Outcome committed at engagement for a fixed unit price
  • Partner discounts for Splunk Licensing, Services & trainings

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