Flex iQ

Use Case based model for Development and Maintenance

Positka methodology enables speedy implementation and predictable maintenance of Splunk based solutions for a variety of use cases.

Why Flex IQ?

Individual Use case

We provide services for end-to-end Use case development for short-term engagements covering individual Use Cases.

Packaged Use case

Our packaged model provides more value by delivering 10 use cases over a period of 12 months bringing down your effective per use case development costs by ~ 21%.

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What is Flex IQ ?

Flex IQ is Positka’s signature Splunk offering. We have found many situations of Splunk customers having deployed Splunk who now want to create new Use Cases.To create new Use Cases the traditional route has been to get someone internal to build the Use Case or to hire an external consultant for a number of man-days to get the job done.

Both these approaches have their inherent challenges.

  • We observe that in many clients that setup an internal Splunk capability, there is a need to compensate attractively to attract talent, but on the flip side there is also a difficulty to retain talent particularly for a hot product like Splunk. This leads to difficulty in sourcing experienced Splunk practitioners in the first instance, and then having the staff who built these Use Cases available in 1-3 years time to do the necessary maintenance work on the Use Cases.
  • With hiring a consultant for a predetermined time frame, there  is a need to understand timelines and budget each project separately.

At Positka, we created Flex IQ to deal with these specific challenges.

  • Flex IQ Use Case Development, allows the client to purchase a single Use Case at a fixed unit price. Irrespective of your Use Case, the price is a fixed unit price, and we know its 30-50% more cost competitive than other development alternatives. The Use Case development process is rigorous and there is no sacrifice in terms of quality. Additionally, you pay for an outcome, that is to build that Use Case you need, not worrying if minor delays on your part will result in a cost increase.
  • We also recognize that Use Cases that are deployed in production will need maintenance. This could be because you want to refine the Use Case or there is a major IT ugrade that impacts the source data your Use Case interact with. Its difficult to predict in many cases when an upgrade to a Use Case will be needed. Our experience indicates 25-33% of Use Cases deployed in production will require some sort of maintenance in any given year. Positka’s Flex IQ Use Case Maintenance provides the service to maintain your Use Cases. Even if you do not know which specific Use Cases will require maintenance when you purchase iFlex Use Case Maintenance, we will undertake the maintenance activity when you activate it.


  • Detailed 8-stage process with tools and
    templates to accelerate each stage
  • Work done with clear stage gates to ensure
    alignment to prevent rework
  • Agile development architecture to enable
    refinement of the solution based on periodic
    business inputs

Why try Flex IQ?


Pay for an outcome i.e. the Use Cases you want developed


Obtain execution certainty from our certified Splunk developers with >5 years hardcore Splunk experience and since we deploy a pod of at least two Splunk developers to your Use Case, we tend to get work done faster


Obtain a definitive cost advantage as our unit fixed price is 30-50% less costly than other contracting options and our unit fixed price for delivery ensures you are not penalized for minor delays


Budget and allocate Use Case Development and Maintenance cost to User departments transparently with the knowledge that our unit price for a Use Case does not change


Get security by purchasing maintenance cover for pre-determined number of Use Cases in your production environment even if you do not know which specific Use Cases will need maintenance. just inform us when have a need to activate maintenance for a Use Case


Yes, we will maintain Use Cases that were developed by you previously

Client Testimonials


“In the past we brought on Positka for Use Case development and hired them on a man day rate which was pretty attractive. Now we use Flex IQ for Use Case development and the price competitiveness is pretty incredible. Because our Use Case Development costs are lower, we have extended Splunk usage into other domains.”


Leading financial industry player

“We had a real challenge with maintaining Use Cases in our production environment. Our Splunk staff turnover was high and we did not know which Use Cases would require maintenance during the course of the year. Flex IQ maintenance package saved us. We knew 50-30% of Use Cases in production would need support at some point in the year. So we purchased Flex IQ for 30% of production Use Cases and whenever a maintenance event becomes visible to us, we call Positka and they supported that Use Case.”


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