Cyber Security & Risk Management

Why is it crucial?

With the convergence of devices and technologies, today data can be seamlessly accessed on devices of various form factors. Increase in data sources and increase in accessibility comes with the added responsibility of securing critical data at multiples levels. Cybersecurity is among the topmost concerns of any business that is reliant on technology and handles sensitive data.

However, organizations need to be pragmatic about the spend on Cybersecurity as no amount of investment can guarantee protection from a data breach. People, in the end, turn out to be the weak link in the chain. There is, thus, a need to make Cybersecurity everyone’s responsibility in an organization.

At Positka, We understand the need and importance of information security as well as the need to invest in a judicious manner. We take a sustainable risk based approach and support our customers along their journey of Cybersecurity. We work across the range of interventions spanning Policy, Process, Tools, People and Governance to deliver best risk-adjusted-return-on-investment. Positka’s experts deploy statistical models, machine learning, and analytical tools to proactively monitor, measure, and mitigate security threats.


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Third Party Security

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