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Organisations differ from each other in more ways than one and so do their problems. Every business has its own set of ambitions and measurements of success.
At Positka, we believe that success of a business transformation program framework lies in its ability to accurately identify and address the right problem elements.

Solving the right problem is as critical as the effectiveness of the solution itself.

Our transformation framework begins with breaking down the components and then designing smart solutions and relevant measurements using industry best-in-class methodologies.

Our consultants have a proven success record of having worked on complex programs to help achieve business goals through very effective levers viz. process re-engineering, performance management, mapping of customer journeys, operation consolidations and standardization.

As a result, Positka has a very strong competency in designing industry specific solution for information security and technology operations.

The Myth

It has been traditionally believed that lean tools and practices are more relevant to manufacturing industry or transactional operations like payments, customer data management and voice based processing centre.

Managers often resist adapting lean practices and have a sceptical view :

  • Our work is knowledge intensive, it cannot be quantified.
  • Each case is unique and require expertise to resolve.
  • My process takes time. There are dependencies. There is nothing we can do about it.

While the reality is…
Lean helps in identifying the core value desired from a process and drives excellence by making people do the basics brilliantly well.

Lean is a way of working. It is beyond the measurement of processing time or reduction of defects.
Positka has delivered successful Lean based improvement programs in recently emerged business functions across industries like Telecom, Banking, Retail Operations.

Industry Challenges

Our transformation framework begins with breaking down the cost components and then designing smart solutions and measurements.

Processing Cost

  • Staff Salary & Property Cost
  • Technology Overheads
  • Equipment Cost
  • Transportation Cost
  • Loss due to Lower Productivity
  • Managerial Cost/Span
  • Longer Time to Process
  • Manual Processing

Process Cost

  • Higher TAT due to Idle Time
  • Multiple Hand-offs
  • Bad Volume
  • Cost of Quality (defects)
  • Rigidity : Process & Tech
  • Excess Authorization
  • Spaghetti Like Processes
  • Licensing Fees
  • Regulatory Fees & Fines

Opportunity Cost

  • Non-availability of Relevant MI (volume forecast, interest trends etc.)
  • Lack of Business Intelligence
  • Lack of Integrated Process Views, Process Families and Linkages across Up-stream and Down-stream processes
  • Lack of a Single Customer View

Our Offerings

End to End Process Re-engineering

Apply Lean Six Sigma tool kit
Our unique LSS Tool kit helps teams re-engineer their process to be centered around customer’s value and optimized resources. Our 3-stage solution implementation framework guarantees effective execution of future state designs.

Re-design Key Performance Indicators

IF you can’t measure it, you cant improve it !!!

Matrices are key to improvement. We understand business priorities and re-design pragmatic performance, risk and control indicators. These matrices drive results and disclose true to reality view of the process health.

Design & Execute Roadmap for Process Maturity

Harnessing the benefits of domain expertise
Expertise in designing processes and practices to assess their maturity levels helps functional heads to create a flight path for digital transformations, automations and analytics based design.

Industry Benchmarking

Helping our customers stay relevant
Positka has a global footprint in EU, US, ASEAN, MENA & APAC. This gives us an edge to help our customers stay relevant and protected by maping current state of processes and controls against industry benchmarks i.e. CMMI, ISO, TRM and NIST Cyber Security Framework.


CI Capability Build up through Awareness Campaign and Workshops

Sustainable Continuous Improvement Culture
A sustainable Lean culture helps build a strong “Continuous Improvement’ habit. Our awareness campaigns, Lean workshops, periodic refresher capsules simplifies the methodology and build Lean capability.

Business Functions where Lean tools can be applied

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