what is robotic process automation?

Over last few decades, large organizations have exhausted both traditional & modern levers of transformation i.e. Centralization, Off-shoring, Standardization, Lean and Six Sigma based process optimization and Right-sizing.

While screen scrapping and scripting based process automation solutions have emerged recently but these scope limitations and cannot be leveraged to full potential with legacy hard coded applications.

RPA is a new breed of software that allows enterprise-safe automation of processes. Early adopters have achieved multi-faceted business results from deploying RPA, including FTE savings, doing more work with fewer resources, increased service quality (because robots execute exactly as configured to do so), increased service delivery speed, and more satisfied employees because their jobs are refocused to more interesting tasks requiring judgment, empathy and social interactions.

Positka’s domain expertise helps businesses get prepared for implementation of industry popular RPA tools viz. Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, NICE etc. Engagement with our consultants as a pre-cursor not only helps maximises gains from these tools but also ensures a smoothen journey.

Industry Challenge

Robots are programmed machines with distinct brain and arm components to replicate processing capabilities/patterns of human.
This translates to certain pre-requisites for a successful RPA deployment :

Our Offering

Design Customer Journeys & Map Process Families

Doing the Basics Brilliantly Well…
Process Families and Customer Journeys are building blocks of an RPA solution. Positka offers domain craftmanship capabilities blended with expertise on tools like IBM Blue Works to help you get ready for RPA.

Waste Elimination using Lean Six Sigma

Why automate something which should not be done at all !!!
Our LSS based transformation methodology purifies processes and design pragmatic matrices that matters to Business and Customers.

Gamification of Decision Points

IF This Than That (IFTTT)
Applying gaming principles in non-gaming context to articulate decisioning logics for the brain component.

Assess Process Suitability & Design RPA Roadmap

Choosing the ugliest frog to eat first
Assessment of process and business priorities to design the complete roadmap with minimal intervention and virtually no adverse impact to customer or business experience.

Target Operating Model Design & Implementation

Our Change Management expertise firmly supports the leadership layer to create a Target Operating Model fully aligned to the transformation vision and well articulated for Executives to embrace.

IT Application Governance & Implementation

Our proven competency in resolving critical but common issues with IT governance i.e. Obsolescence, Redundancy, Fragmentation, Non-Standardization and Enforcement.

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